Check Out This Teeny Tiny RV! Cheap and Super Cute Too!

A breath of fresh air blows through the campervan market as a UK-based manufacturer, Nu Venture, rolls out its latest gem – the Nu Surf. Compact yet complete, this 17-foot powerhouse stands toe-to-toe with larger RV counterparts, boasting various amenities despite its minivan-sized frame. In this thrilling foray into motorhome mania, we’re going across the pond to examine a model currently for sale.

Delving into this captivating camper, a short video tour courtesy of ‘The Motorhome Man’ reveals its origins. The Nu Surf springs from a Citroen Berlingo Multi-Purpose Vehicle base, with Nu Venture introducing a camper box extension. This length addition is negligible, but the transformative space it creates is nothing short of impressive.

The heart of the Nu Surf lies in its rear, accessible through a split-function back door. This doorway doubles as a barn door for added ventilation, opening to reveal a kitchen equipped to cater to your culinary adventures.

Your campervan cuisine will be protected with a four-burner stove and oven, a good sink, and a substantial refrigerator. A hidden gem is lying adjacent to the kitchen – a compact, private bathroom complete with a cassette toilet and sink. Though a shower isn’t included, the absence of an onboard water heater makes this a sensible omission.

The living area unfolds next, presenting a pair of sofas running the length of the camper, from kitchen to cab. These become single beds for independent sleeping or combine to form a larger bed. When not repurposed as a bed, a mount on the floor holds a dining table. The table components and bed cushions find a home in the overhead cab storage.

While specifics regarding power and water storage are scarce, the video assures viewers that the Nu Surf is more than a day-trip vehicle. A peek at Nu Venture’s website confirms that the Surf model has been discontinued as a new vehicle with no listed specs. Yet, the video boldly labels the Nu Surf as potentially the world’s smallest motorhome, a title fitting given its incredibly compact design.

The Nu Surf’s appeal isn’t just confined to its inventive spatial use and cozy comfort. Its size makes it accessible to regular license holders, providing a sense of liberation larger motorhomes can’t replicate. Additionally, its compactness lends itself to easier parking and navigation on narrow roads, broadening travel horizons.

In a nutshell, Nu Venture’s Surf is a stellar blend of engineering and comfort, served in a small, road-ready package. Its drivability on a regular license offers an enticing prospect for motorhome newcomers. In the words of Nu Venture, this is your chance to “Venture into the new with Nu.” This motto isn’t mere catchy marketing – it’s the very soul of their innovation.