Skin diseases, doctors raise the alarm for !

The approach of the summer season and high temperatures increases the risk of various skin diseases related to excessive exposure to the sun. The first signs that convey the message that something is wrong with our skin are the rapid and very visible change of moles, their growth or transformation, as well as the appearance of new moles within a very short period of time. Dermatologists say that any change in the skin should be a signal for medical checks.

“The first signs that the skin gives is some new sign that appears. Then this is an indication to go to the doctor to check if there is any significant change. The most common cause of death from skin cancer is melanoma, it is a disease that metastasizes and spreads very quickly, and therefore it is very important to detect it at an early stage, it is very important. Although we have a large number of skin cancers that are related to unprotected exposure to the sun, it is therefore important to detect the disease early,” stated Andrej Petrov, Dermatologist.

Dermatologists say that it is very important to use sunscreen every time you go out in the sun.

“It does not mean that we should not stay in the sun, but when we stay in the sun, the skin should be protected. The skin must be protected with creams with a high protection factor to block ultra-violet rays and A and B rays, which according to the WHO have been proven to be carcinogenic. This is not what we think, but something proven. Skin aging is directly related to sun exposure. The best anti-wrinkle or anti-aging medicine is creams with high protection factors, nothing ages the skin like the sun,” said Andrej Petrov, Dermatologist.

In Europe, 14,000 out of 100,000 people get sick from skin cancer per year. During the last five years, melanoma has taken its place in the list of the most frequent malignant diseases. The number of people suffering from melanoma is constantly increasing and every year it shows an increase of 4-5%, which means that the number of patients doubles every 10-15 years.